50 Uniquely Creative Bathroom Signs You Won’t Forget


In English, there are various words for bathrooms, such as toilet, lavatory, and WC, as well as terms for men and women. Recently, we’ve shifted from using “Ladies” and “Gentlemen” on restroom doors to using pictograms. While most restrooms feature the familiar triangle signs, decorative bathroom signs are gaining popularity.

Instead of the usual “Men” and “Women,” these inventive creations offer a more entertaining approach. However, after a few drinks, you might find some of these signs challenging to decipher.

Did you know that the inventor of the first water-flushable toilet, John Harrington, is an ancestor of Kit Harington, famous for his role as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones? This connection is also the origin of the term “the John” for a toilet. Now, let’s explore these funny bathroom artworks below. They’re guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

#1 Exclusive For Him

Its only for him

#2 Admiring the Toilet Text at Brouwersdam

#2 Love This Text At The Toilet Of Brouwersdam

#3 My New Favorite Bathroom Sign

#3 New Favorite Bathroom Sign

#4 Adoration for These

#4 Love These

#5 An IQ Test in the Restroom

IQ Test

#6 Innovative Rainy Bathroom Signs

Rain Bathroom Signs

#7 Utter Indifference

Couldn’t Care Less

#8 Remarkable Restrooms

These Restrooms

#9 Unisex Bathroom Directions

Unisex Bathroom Signs

#10 Captivating Bathroom Signs

10 Bathroom Signs

#11 Valuable Advice to Follow

Follow These Advices!

#12 The Lone Occupant Restroom Sign

This Single Occupancy Restroom Sign

#13 The Finest Bathroom Signs Ever

The Best Bathroom Signs Ever

#14 Incredibly Accurate Toilet Door Sign

Most Accurate Toilet Door Sign Ever

#15 All About the Seat

It's All About The Seat

#16 A Creative Bathroom Sign

Creative Bathroom Sign

#17 Our Latest Bathroom Signs at the Pinball Wizard Arcade

Our New Bathroom Signs At The Pinball Wizard Arcade

#18 The Lavatory Signs at the Googleplex

The Bathrooms Signs At The Googleplex

#19 Removing That Beer From Your System

How Will You Get That Used Beer Out Of Your System

#20 Ideal for a Breakfast Bar

20 Perfect For A Breakfast Bar

#21 Simple and Creative in Berlin

Simple And Creative In Berlin

#22 Celebrating Pride


#23 Discovered in Pittsburgh

Discovered in Pittsburgh

#24 Confusing Bathroom Signs: Men’s Is on the Left

By Far The Most Confusing Bathroom Signs I Have Ever Seen. The Men's Is Actually On The Left

#25 Lego Land Lavatory Signs

Bathroom Signs At Lego Land

#26 Batman and Wonder Woman Symbols

Batman And Wonder Woman

#27 Holy Island Toilet Sign

Toilet Sign At Holy Island

#28 Interstellar Restroom Sign at the Sci-Fi Museum

Intergalactic Restroom Sign, Scifi Museum

#29 May the Force Be With You!

May The Force Be With You!

#30 Playful Shadows


#31 Tomcat and Kitty Commode Signs

 Tomcat And Kitty

#32 Chicken And Chick Restroom Signs

The Restroom Signs At Chicken Salad Chick

#33 Are Funny Bathroom Door Signs Still a Thing?

Are We Still Doing Funny Bathroom Door Signs

#34 Male and Female Jack Cables Restroom Symbols

This Male And Female Jack Cables Bathroom Signs In A Music Bar

#35 Unique Bathroom Signage

This Bathroom Sign

#36 Diverse Bathroom Signs

Bathroom Signs

#37 Which Door Will You Choose?

Which Door Would You Choose

#38 Middle Eastern Elegance

Middle Eastern Style

#39 Margie vs. Homer: An Epic Battle

Margie Vs. Homer

#40 No Nuts vs. Nuts Lavatory Signs

No Nuts Vs. Nuts

#41 An Amusing Bathroom Sign

Bathroom Sign

#42 Skiers in Slovakia’s Restroom Indicators

Skiers In Slovakia Be Like

#43 The Latest International Restroom Symbol?

Is This The Latest International Symbol For Restroom

#44 Restroom Icons

Restroom Signs

#45 “Wrong Way” Cafe-Bar in Serbia

wrong Way Cafe-bar Serbia

#46 Mickey Mouse-Inspired Bathroom Sign

Mickey Mouse Bathroom Sign

#47 W & M Restroom Signs

W & M !

#48 Pizzeria Lavatory Directions

Bathroom Signs At A Pizzeria

#49 Quirky Montana Pizza Place Restroom Signs

I Found These Bathroom Signs At A Pizza Place In Montana

#50 The Classic Tie vs. Bow Comparison

Tie Vs. Bow


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