“20 Individuals Who Experienced Rejection Due to Their Appearance Proudly Share Their Remarkable Transformations.”


Did only a few people grasp the moral of ‘The Ugly Duckling’? It seems that way when we consider how many individuals faced childhood bullying over their appearance but later underwent a remarkable before and after transformation known as a ‘glow-up.’

A viral TikTok trend is spotlighting these transformations. People are responding by sharing their own ‘glow-ups’ set to George Michael’s ‘Careless Whisper.’ They post ‘before and after’ pictures, showcasing their astonishing changes. We’re delighted that these individuals achieved the positive transformations they desired.

Accompanied by George Michael’s ‘Careless Whisper,’ these videos feature the creators sharing their ‘before’ versions, which society supposedly rejected. They are followed by their astonishing ‘after’ glow-ups. Scroll down to view some of the inspiring screenshots from this trending video in our gallery.

Here are 20 of jaw dropping before and after transformations


Before and after of Bella Kellis

Image source: sewphy


Before and After glow up of morgan.moyers

Image source: morgan.moyers


Before and After glow up of Wheezy

Image source: Wheezy


before and after glow up

Image source: kikimberlyy_


Cam's glow up virsion

Image source: campayne5


Image source: ximenasaenz4


Image source: jagnew


Image source: lxycidxwes


Image source: sarah.kay.law


Image source: fitnesswiththatj


Image source: lottabigred


Image source: iamorlandojames


Image source: baileyspinn


Image source: 2hypechris


Image source: madison.lane5


Image source: b0ng.rips


Image source: kantleybeth


Image source: trash.l3y


Image source: Bella Kellis


Johny Sins

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