Celebrity Ink Master Ryan Ashley’s Jaw-Dropping Jewelry Tattoo Designs


Skilled tattooing can indeed appear quite impressive. A skilled tattoo artist is undoubtedly a significant requirement for those aiming to use their skin as an artistic canvas. Tattoo artists come in various categories: good, bad, and average. Then there’s another category – the master. Master of jewelry Tattoo.

Certain tattoo artists have truly mastered their craft, and Ryan Ashley DiCristina (Malarkey) belongs to this elite group. This celebrity tattoo artist, known for her exquisitely detailed tattoos, gained fame as the host of the Ink Master show. She specializes in jewelry tattoos, showcasing her expertise in this unique field. Explore her stunning jewelry tattoo gallery that captivates with its beauty.

More Info: Ryan Ashley (Malarkey) DiCristina

Jewelry Tattoo Artist – Ryan Ashley

Ryan Ashley (Malarkey) DiCristina
Ryan Ashley (Malarkey) DiCristina

Cool Locust Lantern Sternum On A Lovely Lady

Cool Locust Lantern sternum on a lovely local lady.

Dark Queen Castle Choker

Dark queen castle choker

Super Cool Gilded Emerald Wasp

Super cool gilded emerald wasp on a beautiful soul

Purple Crystal Spider Sternum Set

purple crystal spider sternum set

Full 360 Wraparound Choker

Full 360 wraparound choker

Side Floral Pieces And Connection

Side floral pieces and connection

diamond choker around the neck cradled in filigree


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