Cheems, a Dog that Became Internet’s Viral Sensation, Passes Away

The most viral photo of Cheems
The most viral photo of Cheems
The most viral photo of Cheems
The most viral photo of Balltze

Cheems, though his name may not be instantly familiar, is a beloved figure in the world of memes. Thousands of internet jokes feature his endearing photos, which surely ring a bell once seen.

His real name, “Balltze”, belonged to the most famous dog on social media. Sadly, he passed away on August 18, 2023, at the age of 12 in Hong Kong. Cancer took its toll on him, leading to complications from a “Thoracentesis” surgery he underwent the previous day.

Despite his official name, Cheems was widely recognized by his nickname, which came from his fondness for cheeseburgers. By adding an “M” to “cheese,” it transformed into “Cheems.”

From 2019 onward, Cheems’ pictures became the basis for social media memes. These stemmed from a photograph originally shared on Instagram in 2017.

Now that you’ve crossed the rainbow bridge, may your memory live on through the laughter and joy you brought to people’s lives. We’re grateful for the moments of happiness you shared with us, and we’ll remember you fondly whenever we see a cheesy meme or a cheeseburger.

Rest in peace, dear Cheems. Your paw prints on the internet and in our hearts will never fade.


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