Elon Musk Changed Twitter’s Logo From “Bird” To An “X.”


Elon Musk, Twitter’s owner, rebrands the platform as “X,” unveiling a new logo to replace the bird symbol. The shift reflects Musk’s ongoing efforts since he took over the social media giant last year.

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While the Twitter website remains unchanged, the bird logo now becomes the letter “X.” Musk teased the change with a flickering “X” video and confirmed it during a Twitter Spaces audio chat.

Musk’s reason for the shift is to embrace imperfections and uniqueness in us all, bidding farewell to the Twitter brand and gradually phasing out bird imagery.

The transformation from Twitter Inc. to X Corp. and now “X” marks sweeping changes under Musk’s ownership. Twitter recently limited daily direct messages for unverified users to combat spam, encouraging them to join the subscription service for more messaging privileges.

Twitter’s CEO, Linda Yaccarino, emphasizes that “X” represents unlimited interactivity, connecting people globally through audio, video, messaging, and payments, envisioning a bigger app like WeChat in China.

With these shifts, Twitter seeks new directions and expansion. However, the rebrand ends the well-known blue Twitter bird logo, once their most recognizable asset.

As of now, the origin of the new “X” logo remains a mystery, with some noting its similarity to a Unicode character. Despite the changes, Twitter faces competition from Meta’s new app, Threads.

Overall, the rebrand reflects Twitter’s ambition to become a comprehensive platform, embracing innovation and fostering global connectivity.

In conclusion, Elon Musk’s transformation of Twitter to “X” signifies a significant milestone in the platform’s evolution, aiming to create an interactive and connected user experience worldwide.


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