Mercedes Benz Creates Special Wheelchair for Dog “Bunny”


Mercedes Benz, the German automobile giant, touched hearts by creating a special wheelchair for Bunny, a dog who lost her hind legs in a car accident. Abandoned by her owners, Bunny found love with animal rescuers.

Animal rescuer Henry Friedman shared Bunny’s video on Instagram, and someone wrote, “This dog deserves the Mercedes-Benz of wheelchairs.” Prompted by the viral post, Friedman contacted Mercedes, who agreed to make a custom wheelchair for Bunny.

An Instagram user expressed how Bunny’s story made them cry, emphasizing the importance of caring for innocent animals. Mercedes Benz USA even called the wheelchair their favorite vehicle.

Another user highlighted the need to adopt dogs from shelters, preventing tragedies from happening to innocent animals.

In conclusion, Mercedes Benz’s gesture of kindness for Bunny has warmed hearts worldwide, reminding us to show compassion and adopt animals in need. Bunny’s journey to recovery and happiness inspires us to love and care for all creatures.

Henry Friedman who got the wheelchair from Mercedes Benz for Bunny.
Henry Friedman With Another Rescued Dog.


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