Mind Blowing Portugal 3D Graffiti Artist Odeith’s Optical Illusions Make Your Mind A Big Mess.

Odeith's most famous wrecked bus.

The Portuguese graffiti artist Odeith takes 3D arts into a whole new level. He creates these extraordinary 3D optical illusions that everyone’s mind gets confuse as his work is truly unbelievable. Because of his incredible artworks he has more than 800k fan base on social media specially on Instagram. He currently based in Lisbon and works as a full-time artist. This a really a good example that he is truly an incredible artist as he has so many international clients such as Coca- cola, Samsung, Estradas de Portugal, and the London Shell.

In this article we will bring his 20 mind-blowing masterpieces from his Instagram and they are as per below.

By – Ishangi Weerasinghe

Image Credit: @odeith / Instagram


Odeith’s famous Wrecked bus 3D art.


Transforming that old block wall into this wrecked bus.


Abandoned train


Another block wall turned into a camping van.


Classic car


Odeith took one day to transform an abandoned cement blocks into a truck.


Giant human skull by Odeith.



Odeith with his another wall art







Odeith and his frog art








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