David’s Amazing Space Adventures: Exploring the Universe from Home


I’m David, and I’m passionate about space and astronomy. In 2021, I bought my first good telescope to study space up close and capture night sky photography. Soon, I realized that the light pollution in my area severely limits what I can see through the telescope. To solve this problem, I invested in a specialized astronomy camera.

Now, I can capture numerous galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, and planets. These represent some of my best photos after using this setup for about a year. I take great pride in the results I’ve achieved. It’s truly amazing what we can observe from our own backyards, even in areas with high light pollution! Whenever the sky is clear and conditions are favorable, I take my equipment outside to capture new images and share them on my Instagram profile.

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22 Amazing Night Sky Photography From David’s Camera.

#1 The Fireworks Galaxy

#2 The Crescent Nebula

#3 The Cocoon Nebula

#4 The Tadpoles Nebula And The Spider Nebula

#5 Albireo – A Double Star

#6 Jones Emberson 1 – The Headphone Nebula

#7 Ngc4725 And Ngc4712

#8 The Flaming Star Nebula

#9 The Dumbbell Nebula

#10 The Lion Nebula

#11 Ngc2903

#12 The Pac Man Nebula

#13 The Pleiades

#14 The Hercules Cluster

#15 The Crab Nebula

#16 The Wizard Nebula

#17 The Pinwheel Galaxy

#18 The Vacuum Cleaner Galaxy

#19 The Whirlpool Galaxy

#20 The Needle Galaxy

#21 Thor’s Helmet Nebula

#22 The Eagle Nebula


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