Once A Limestone Quarry, It Became An Attractive Destination For Scuba Divers.


Hemmoor Kreidesee, found in Germany, is a famous diving spot loved by divers and photographers worldwide. The underwater quarry, once used for limestone extraction, transformed into a mesmerizing destination over time. With its clear water and diverse marine life, it attracts both recreational and professional divers.

Kreidesee Hemmoor Now – Photo Credit: dpa picture alliance

In the early 20th century, people extracted limestone from Hemmoor Kreidesee quarry for industrial purposes. As time passed, the quarry filled with water, forming a special underwater environment that now draws divers globally.

Old picture of Hemmoor Kreidesee as a limestone quarry.

Image Credit: Tauchbasis Kreidesee Hemmoor

When you dive into Hemmoor Kreidesee, you’ll discover a magical world filled with submerged trees, rock formations, and beautiful underwater plants. The amazing visibility, sometimes up to 30 meters, lets you fully enjoy the enchanting surroundings. As you explore, you’ll encounter different fish species like pike, perch, carp, and even sturgeon.

The most photographed object in the lake Kreidesee.

Image Credit: jens.lamm

A special experience in this place is witnessing haloclines, where layers of water with varying salinity create a unique visual effect. Sunlight shining through the water adds to the dreamy atmosphere, making each dive truly mesmerizing.

Image Credit: ApneaSite

To protect this precious dive site, there are important rules to follow. Only certified divers are allowed, and everyone must practice eco-friendly diving. These rules help maintain the underwater ecosystem and keep it pristine.

Also this paradise is a testament to the hidden wonders beneath the surface. Whether you’re a skilled diver or a curious beginner, this captivating dive site guarantees an unforgettable adventure into an extraordinary underwater world. Dive in and explore the beauty that awaits you!

Image Credit: @jens.lamm



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