“The Sexiest Tomb In The World – The Tale of Victor Noir”

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One rumor claimed that touching a specific area on the statue of Victor Noir could lead to pregnancy, and kissing Victor’s lips would attract a handsome partner. This is the story of Victor Noir’s Sexiest Tomb.

Photo credit: Keroles on flickr

The Life of Victor Noir

Victor Noir, a young Parisian journalist, lived an ordinary life, born in 1848 and joining the newspaper La Marseillaise during Napoleon III’s reign.

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The Conflict and Accusations

Prince Pierre Bonaparte, cousin of Emperor Napoleon III, faced continuous accusations from the radical newspaper La Revanche, while L’Avenir de la Corse, a publication affiliated with Prince Pierre, staunchly supported him. The conflict intensified as Pierre exerted pressure on La Revanche’s staff.

The Challenge Accepted

In response to a lengthy article in La Marseillaise supporting La Revanche, Prince Pierre, fueled by anger, challenged the author to a shootout. Surprisingly, the newspaper’s editor, Victor Noir, agreed to meet Pierre on behalf of the editor-in-chief.

A Tragic Encounter

Upon Victor’s arrival and his words, Pierre, consumed by anger, fatally shot the innocent Victor Noir, mistaking him for the author. This tragic event unfolded in 1871, dealing a devastating blow to the French royal family.

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Outrage and Protests: A Nation United

The killing of a free journalist by a prince sparked protests across France. Paris witnessed nearly a hundred thousand people gathering for the funeral of Victor Noir. Prince Pierre faced public backlash, resulting in his arrest and subsequent release. Victor Noir found his final resting place in his native village of Neuilly, although his memory faded for about 20 years.

Thereafter around 1891, discussions resurfaced, advocating for Victor Noir’s recognition. Consequently, his body was exhumed from Neuilly and reinterred in Paris’s renowned Père Lachaise Cemetery. Responding to requests for a commemorative statue, designer Jules Dalou crafted a copper tomb.. Furthermore,

A Poignant Design: Symbolizing Bravery

Jules Dalou aimed to enhance the statue’s poignant image, reflecting the circumstances of Victor’s demise. Notably, he incorporated a symbol of Victor’s bravery into the design—a statue with a protruding penis.

Legends and Rumors

Over time, rumors circulated surrounding Victor’s grave, adding to its allure. One legend claimed that touching a specific area on the statue could lead to pregnancy, while another suggested that kissing Victor’s lips would attract a handsome partner. This tradition has persisted, with young women visiting the tomb since ancient times. The reappearance of the original copper color on the lips and the middle part of Victor’s pants serves as a testament to the countless young people who have come to pay their respects.


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