This father and daughter have been taking photos at the same spot for 40 years.


In China, a father and daughter duo has captured hearts with their incredible collection of photos spanning over 40 years. Hua Yunqing, residing in Zhenjiang, embarked on this special journey with his daughter, Hua Hua, when she was just one year old.

Since 1980, except for 1998, Hua Yunqing and his daughter have faithfully posed for a photo together in the same location near a lake in Zhejiang. Each image depicts their enduring bond and the passing of time.

Hua Yunqing has carefully compiled these cherished photos into a dedicated album, which he treasures dearly. As he bids farewell to his job, he believes this album will serve as a poignant reminder of both happy and challenging moments in his life.

Hua Hua, now a mother of two daughters herself, has followed in her father’s footsteps by capturing similar photos with her own children. This beautiful tradition lives on, passing down the legacy of love and togetherness through the generations.

Hua Yunqing and his daughter Hua Hua’s collection of photos spanning four decades is a heartwarming tale of family bonds. Through the passing years, these photographs serve as a testament to their enduring love and the value of treasuring precious memories.


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