50 Uncomfortably Painful Pictures Nobody Requested


Pictures don’t just tell stories; they can also evoke powerful emotions. Some images can be so unsettling that you can almost sense them, even if you’re far away.

We’ve gathered a collection of unsettling images from the internet. These pictures are sure to make you feel uncomfortable. If you’re particularly empathetic, sensitive, or not a fan of bugs, you might want to approach this list with caution.

Here are 50 Unsettling Images Nobody Asked For

#1 When I Was 11, I Broke My Arm, and I Didn’t Shed a Tear.

Social psychologist Martingano, from the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, explains that our brain’s ability to interpret visual cues is the key to why we can feel the pain and discomfort of others when looking at photos.

“Humans can gather significant emotional information solely from visual cues, without needing other sensory input. The activation of our mirror neuron system, a set of brain cells that activate both when we perform an action and when we observe someone else doing the same action, plays a central role,” she told Board Panda.

“Specifically, mirror neurons in areas like the anterior insular and the anterior cingulate cortex activate when we witness another person’s pain, much like they would if we were experiencing the pain ourselves. This is why we might feel a visceral sensation, akin to ants crawling on our skin, when viewing images of others in similar situations.”

#2 During Volleyball Practice, My Teammate May Have Sustained a Finger Injury.

#2 During Volleyball Practice, My Teammate May Have Sustained a Finger Injury.

#3 I Have a Splinter Lodged Beneath My Thumbnail.

#3 I Have a Splinter Lodged Beneath My Thumbnail.

#4 While Riding His Dirt Bike, My Cousin’s Friend Suffered an Impalement Injury To His Foot

#4 While Riding His Dirt Bike, My Cousin's Friend Suffered an Impalement Injury to His Foot.

#5 I’ve Turned into the Cat’s Plaything.

#6 This Is Definitely Not Where I Intended to Hammer the Nail

#6 This Is Definitely Not Where I Intended to Hammer the Nail

#7 I Should Have Tied My Hair Up. It Hurts!

#7 I should have tied my hair up. It hurts.

#8 My Girlfriend Got Injured at Work

#8 My girlfriend got injured at work

#9 I Have a Sunburn, and My Skin Is Peeling, Making a Pouch for Coins

#9 I have a sunburn, and my skin is peeling, making a pouch for coins

#10 I Had a Small Piece of Skin and Pulled It

#10 I had a small piece of skin and pulled it

#11 My Eyelid Got Caught in the Jacket Zipper

#11 My eyelid got caught in the jacket zipper

#12 I Accidentally Pulled Out My Eyelashes Right Before My Wedding

#12 I accidentally pulled out my eyelashes right before my wedding

#13 I Stepped on a LEGO and Broke My Ankle

#13 I stepped on a LEGO and broke my ankle

#14 Fell Asleep in the Bath and Got Wrinkled Fingers

#14 Fell asleep in the bath and got wrinkled fingers.

#15 Here’s a Photo of My Hand Cramp

#15 Here's a photo of my hand cramp

#16 I Didn’t See the Charger on the Floor and Injured Myself

#16 I didn't see the charger on the floor and injured myself

#17 Eye Drops Reveal Scratches on My Partner’s Cornea After a Factory Accident

#17 Eye drops reveal scratches on my partner's cornea after a factory accident

#18 This Person Has a Severe Sunburn

#18 This person has a severe sunburn

#19 I Was Working on Saturday Morning, and This Happened

#19 I was working on Saturday morning, and this happened

#20 What Could Go Wrong Taking a Picture with a Gopher Snake I Found on the Road

#20 What could go wrong taking a picture with a gopher snake I found on the road

#21 Braids Were Done Too Tightly

#21 Braids were done too tightly

#22 Someone Was Bitten by a Huntsman Spider

#22 Someone was bitten by a Huntsman spider

#23 My Foot Suffered from a Wet Boot with a Hole for 10 Hours

#23 My foot suffered from a wet boot with a hole for 10 hours

#24 I Had a Giant Spider Hanging from My Mouth

#24 I had a giant spider hanging from my mouth

#25 I Slammed My Finger in the Car Door Twice

#25 I slammed my finger in the car door twice

#26 Fishing Gone Wrong

#26 Fishing gone wrong.

#27 I Let Mosquitoes Eat Me Alive for 20 Minutes

#27 I let mosquitoes eat me alive for 20 minutes.

#28 I Shot a Nail Through My Hand

#28 I shot a nail through my hand.

#29 I Dislocated My Finger in Two Directions

#29 I dislocated my finger in two directions.

#30 Turned on the Wrong Burner

#30 Turned on the wrong burner.

#31 Careful Washing Up Piping Bags; It’s Painful

#31 Careful washing up piping bags; it's painful

#32 I Walked Through a Fly Strip; My Hair Got Glued

#32 I walked through a fly strip; my hair got glued.

#33 I Stepped on a Nail While Trying to Bring My Cat Inside

#33 I stepped on a nail while trying to bring my cat inside.

#34 A Mississippi Cactus Punctured My Leg

#34 A Mississippi cactus punctured my leg

#35 Sticky Fingers, But Not the Usual Kind

#35 Sticky fingers, but not the usual kind

#36 Infected Eczema Is Painful

#36 Infected eczema is painful

#37 A Spile from a Bush Punctured My Shoe and Hit My Foot

#37 A spile from a bush punctured my shoe and hit my foot.

#38 Trusting My Big Brother Led to Getting an Eye Patch

#38 Trusting my big brother led to getting an eye patch.

#39 This Is What Real Pain Looks Like

#39 This is what real pain looks like.

#40 A Piece of Wire Got Stuck in My Leg After Work

#40 A piece of wire got stuck in my leg after work.

#41 Trying to Catch a Falling Cactus Resulted in Needles in My Hand

#41 Trying to catch a falling cactus resulted in needles in my hand.

#42 Just a Little Itch, But It’s Annoying

#42 Just a little itch, but it's annoying.

#43 Testing an Ultrasound Mosquito Repeller Led to Hand Sacrifice

#43 Testing an ultrasound mosquito repeller led to hand sacrifice.

#44 I Accidentally Stabbed Myself with a Meat Thermometer

#44 I accidentally stabbed myself with a meat thermometer.

#45 Maternity Photoshoot with a Swarm of Bees

#45 Maternity photoshoot with a swarm of bees.

#46 Summer Brings Back Painful Memories

#46 Summer brings back painful memories.

#47 I Pulled My Own Tooth Out with Dollar Store Pliers

#47 I pulled my own tooth out with dollar store pliers.

#48 I Dropped a Fork and Stepped on It

#48 I dropped a fork and stepped on it.

#49 Want to Take a Shot or Assemble a Bouquet? Feed Mosquitoes

#49 Want to take a shot or assemble a bouquet Feed mosquitoes.

#50 These Piercings Look Painful

#50 These piercings look painful.


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